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April 16th 2017 Constitutional Referendum Interim Report

April 16th 2017 Constitutional Referendum Interim Report

Referendum Interim Report

This report contains monitoring results regarding April 16th Consititutional Referendum in Turkey for the period 16 February-13 April 2017.

“The State of Emergency in Turkey, first declared on July 21st 2016 following the failed coup attempt, was extended for another 3-month period on January 19th. During the State of Emergency, 21 executive orders went into effect, 5 of which were approved by the Parliament. The executive orders have ordered the dismissal of around 150.000 civil servants, prosecution of 100.000 individuals, and detainment of 40.000 people. Additionally, 1583 civil society organizations (CSOs) were dissolved without due process, and 158 media outlets have been closed. Members of the judiciary, police, military, local governments, academia, and the business community were affected by the executive orders. The reasoning and justification for dismissals and closures were not offered, and an effective appeal opportunity was not offered.  A decision by the Constitutional Court has placed executive orders beyond the scope of its powers, and deemed the actions of the executive orders beyond opportunity to appeal.”

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