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Other Activities


Supporting and Promoting Equal Citizenship of Persons with Disabilities

Association for Monitoring Equal Rights (AMER) has been monitoring discrimination against people with disabilities since 2011 and implementing “Supporting and Promoting Equal Citizenship of Persons with Disabilities” project since May 2014 with the cooperation of local civil society organization in Turkey and by the financial support of National Democratic Endowment (NED). The aim of the project is (i) to continue systematic monitoring and reporting on discrimination against people with disabilities and to empower civil society organizations (CSOs) in monitoring and reporting; (ii) to increase public and social participation of people with disabilities in the society; (iii) to develop and strengthen civil pressure on decision makers to develop and strength tools to elimination of all forms of discrimination against people with disabilities (iv) to empower victims of discrimination  with regard to their rights and legal remedies.

Monitoring and Reporting Discrimination Based on Racial or Ethnic Origin

Since May 2014, Association for Monitoring Equal Rights (AMER) has been carrying out the EU-funded project on “Monitoring and Reporting Discrimination Based on Racial or Ethnic Origin” to combat racial, linguistic and ethnic discrimination in Turkey with the participation of local CSOs from different parts of Turkey. Monitoring and reporting human rights violation, discrimination, and implementation of government policies at local and national levels are the main activities of the project to increase respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms regarding to “race”, ethnicity, religion or belief in Turkey, and to contribute to development of democracy and the rule of law.

Accelerated racial violence against Syrian refuges and other migrant groups, conflicts between some of the Kurdish and radical Islamic groups, Sunni domination in decision makers and state sector in last two years increased tension and polarization in the society. Public authorities still appear to be unwilling to make policy and legal changes to effectively combat discrimination in the country.


Freedom of Peaceful Assembly Annual Monitoring Report

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Freedom of Peaceful Assembly Annual Monitoring Report
Association for Monitoring Equal Rights would like to present its October 2015 – November 2016 Freedom of Peaceful Assembly Monitoring Report.
As one of the foundations of functioning democracies and a fundamental right, freedom of peaceful assembly is of particular importance in current times. The protection of minority populations and opinions, creation of avuenues for political discussion, and the promotion of social tolerance are urgent needs of our time, both nationally and internationally. We consider rights-based monitoring by civil society an equally important component of promoting democratic values, as it encourages state accountability and commitment to international best practices. Therefore, we hope that our monitoring findings will be a positive contribution to the defense of human rights and democratic values in Turkey and abroad.
AMER has been monitoring the right to peaceful assembly since October 2015. The report attached includes an analysis of the political and social background of Turkey in the monitoring period, a legal analysis on the compatibility of Turkey’s assembly legislation with international standards, our monitoring findings from the field, and concluding observations. You could also find more details on our methodology in the report.

Those Who Ruled Out: The Syrian Asylum Seekers in Istanbul

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The report of “Those Ruled Out: Syrian Asylum Seekers Living in İstanbul” is written with the objectives of encouraging the establishment of protection mechanisms which will be shaped within the scope of Turkey’s legal responsibilities regarding international human rights agreements. Moreover, it is written with the contributing to the establishment of precautions that will eliminate the injustices experienced by the individuals who are deprived of their rights and freedom.

Although this report focuses on the Syrian asylum seekers, it also reflects the problems of Syrian asylum seekers who are struggling to survive in different cities of Turkey.




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