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Freedom of Peaceful Assembly Annual Monitoring Report

Freedom of Peaceful Assembly Annual Monitoring Report
Association for Monitoring Equal Rights would like to present its October 2015 – November 2016 Freedom of Peaceful Assembly Monitoring Report.
As one of the foundations of functioning democracies and a fundamental right, freedom of peaceful assembly is of particular importance in current times. The protection of minority populations and opinions, creation of avuenues for political discussion, and the promotion of social tolerance are urgent needs of our time, both nationally and internationally. We consider rights-based monitoring by civil society an equally important component of promoting democratic values, as it encourages state accountability and commitment to international best practices. Therefore, we hope that our monitoring findings will be a positive contribution to the defense of human rights and democratic values in Turkey and abroad.
AMER has been monitoring the right to peaceful assembly since October 2015. The report attached includes an analysis of the political and social background of Turkey in the monitoring period, a legal analysis on the compatibility of Turkey’s assembly legislation with international standards, our monitoring findings from the field, and concluding observations. You could also find more details on our methodology in the report.
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